Sidie Hollow Farm

Every cut of meat you buy from our site gets us one step closer to holistic management. 

Hi, I am Taylor Henry Co-Owner of Sidie Hollow Farms and some would say the "mastermind" behind this craziness. 

The first memory I had as a kid of career aspirations was becoming a farmer. A small fire was lit but was quickly dimmed out by "You can't do that" "Farmers can't make money" so I put it on the back burner. 

I went on with the agreed upon plan of life, college, specialized career training, career. I was a 21 year old police officer looking across at my older co workers and thought "this is it?" "this will be my next 30 years?"

Cue the anxiety attack... 

I went to work again, took a try at my own version of education. I plunged into the business world after four years of being a police officer. I joined forces with my best friend from college and I jumped into a partner role at his Digital Marketing agency and started an Outdoors Company 1080 Outdoors.

I worked for two years learning the ins and outs of the internet, business and marketing in general. It was a great stepping stone, I was able to observe and learn many different strategies that can be successful. 

As we had more success, the opportunity arose to finally purchase my own land. It had been a dream of mine since the day I said "I want to be a farmer". I set out to purchase a piece of recreational land for hunting and really hadn't circled back to my original farming aspirations... 

My Mom and I were looking at some available pieces of land. We drove by this old worn down farmstead that was only 2 miles from where I grew up. I had went by it 100s of times in my life and had never thought much about it. It had a for sale sign in the yard and it had some of the best views you could ask for inland in the driftless region. (There is many and I am bias)

I wasn't taking no for an answer. I presented the plan to my parents and my childhood best friend and a partnership was formed. We closed the same day the pandemic struck and it was far from smooth... but that story is for another time.

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When everything was said and done, we ended with 60 acres, two farm houses, tons of out buildings and an Amish cabin. 

My mother, Mary has turned that Amish cabin into one of the best Air BnB experiences in the region and is truly one of the best hostesses I have seen. She has been able to take her 30+ years of experience being a kindergarten teacher and elementary principal and give our guests the best possible time in our cabin. 

Back to the farming...

Once I realized that the deal was nearing some sort of finality, I felt a sense of responsibility. I wanted to not only preserve and enhance our property but to combine some of my past experiences. I really believe we can help local farmers become more profitable while improving their resource. 

I went to my version of school again... 75+ books later I really narrowed in on two..

I credit Mark Shepards book (Restoration Agriculture) and Gabe Browns (Dirt To Soil) as key influential pieces in sending me down this regenerative agriculture and direct to consumer model. 

The website you are on right now is the direct to consumer portion of this model. As our farm operation grows on our homesite we will be able to offer pasture raised Beef, Pigs, eggs and juicy chicken legs. Our model here will allow us to stay as natural as we possibly can, no shots, tillage, spray or destructive agriculture methods will be used here. 

My hope and dream is this will be a gorgeous holistically managed farm that will be able to feed our friends and family for generations with nutrient rich food and an optimistic hope for our future.

I can assure you that the meat you are receiving from our site is high quality beef that had all of its food sourced from the same farm it was raised on.

Our main producer is our original family farm that I visited as kid "Henry Dairy". The farm has been in our family since our ancestors settled in the Driftless region. They are still a fully operational dairy and beef operation. They specialize in raising premier quality black angus beef and source their feed from the 200+ acres of rolling farmland. 

I personally go out to these farms and make sure that the way these animals are being raised is not only humane but above standard. I can assure you, you'll be hard pressed to find a cut of beef as full of flavor as these. 

More customers like you, will allow this to grow. I hope to help area farmers escape the conventional model, but step 1 is giving them a new and more profitable market so they can make a fair living.

We will not ostracize conventional producers but include them. Any form of profitable farming outside of the standardized system we are use to, is a move in the right direction..

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I can assure you, when you buy meat from this website it will have a ripple effect on local agriculture in this area for generations... 

Taylor Henry & The whole Sidie Hollow Farm Team